Our Venue

RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre is a complex of conference and exhibition halls.

Our venue for EQ European Convention 2019 is RAI Convention Centre, located in the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands.



As the facilitating party, RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre creates the ideal conditions for inspiring meetings to take place in and strong ties to develop in. The complex consists of 22 conference rooms and 11 multi-functional halls and has a total floor space of 112,200 m². The largest hall, Europahal RAI, can seat 12,900 people. The complex also includes a musical and concert theatre and underground parking space for over 4,000 cars.
RAI Amsterdam has five permanent restaurants: The Roast Room, Grand Café, First Floor Restaurant, Holland Restaurant and Café Amsterdam. The Roast Room is open daily from 09:00 hr. The opening hours of the other restaurants are flexible and depend on the events and conferences taking place.